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Office of Internal Audit Helpful Links and Resources

WSU Policies and Procedures

The following contain policies and procedures unique to Washington State University. We recommend all University employees gain familiarity in navigating these resources:

The site for Procedures, Records and Forms includes standard forms and the following University manuals:

  • Business Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Executive Policy Manual
  • Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

Additional WSU manuals:

Legal References

Reference Guide to Miscellaneous University Procedures

At Reference Guide, Internal Audit provides guidelines for key functions as a reference for departments. This is not an all-inclusive list, but the ones included represent policies, procedures, or best practices that believed to contribute to good internal controls. See Procedures, Records and Forms for a complete list of approved University policies.

If more detail or information is needed, please contact the department listed on the policy or Internal Audit.